Smadreland simulator

Ever wanted to smash a washing machine dressed as skeleton pope with a guitar? Well here is your chance!

Smadreland simulator is a local-multiplayer beat-em-up for PC. You play as one of several rock legends, smash trash with guitars and casually face of against satan himself. It was the winning game of Copenhell Game Jam 2018.

Each player takes control of a rock legend, pick up arms and smash the ever living heck out of junkyard trash for points! Players can stun each-other in order to hinder them from gaining points. Most points at the end of the game wins.

My roles:

  • Character design
  • Animation
  • Props
  • Effects
Made for: undefined

Our approach to making this game was to create simple yet fun gameplay, where the main dynamics of the game came from the local-multiplayer aspect, making the company of other players a factor as well.

Making sure the game felt good to play was a major aspect of the games success. By focusing heavily on feedback and effects the game was able to feel more alive and impactfull.

Gameplay trailer:

About the Game

  • Made in Unity
  • Assets made in Photoshop
  • Winner of Copenhell Gamejam
  • Type of project: Gamejam
  • Time Spent on project: 48 hours
  • Group members: 4