Work together to explore the sunken ruins of a skyscraper!

Seascraper is a local multiplayer game for two players made for PC. The players take control of two divers and must work together to find six hidden treasures in the depths of a sunken skyscraper. One player must explore a dark maze full of hazards, while the other stays on the surface to ensure the other players air and light supply.

The game was made for Kaktusjam 2018 by four people in less than 48 hours.

My roles:

  • Environmental design
  • Modeling
  • Animation
  • Menus

“We wanted the game to resemble old school couch co-op, where players must work together to win”

Player 1 managing player 2’s resources:

Player 2 locating treasure chests, while player 1 assists in bringing him back to the surface:

“The visuals style of the game was inspired by a combination of Fallout 1 and the water levels of Donkey Kong Country 2”

Animated kelp helping bringing the environment to life:

Animated fish populating the world:

Player 2 messing up and loosing the game:

People playing the game at Kaktusjam:

Full playtrough:

About the game

  • Made in Unity
  • Modeled and textured using Blender
  • Type of project: Gamejam
  • Group members: 4
  • Time spent on project: 48 hours