Hospitalskatten kurt

Hospitalskatten Kurt is a game that was developed in cooperation with the chemo-ward of the central hospital of Copenhagen. The game is an AR title created for smartphones for children of the ages 5-10.

The player scans images in order to play AR based mini-games. The images would be spread out in the public areas of the hospital. We wanted to do this to activate and encourage long term patients to explore their surrounding and make them feel less unfamiliar.

My roles:

  • Game Design
  • Modelling
  • Texturing
  • Scripting
  • Scripting
  • Effects
  • Sound Design
  • Animation
Made in co-operation with:

About the UI:

About the UX:

About the games: Whack-a-mole

About the games: Kanon

About the games: Find 7

About the games: Måne Angreb

The project was started as a cooperation between KADK and the chemotherapy ward for children of Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.
The hospital wished that the environment for the children was not as hostile, and asked the game and interaction program of KADK to find different solutions.

Full playtrough:

About the game

  • Made in Unity
  • Models made in Blender
  • Using Vurofia AR
  • Type of project: School project
  • Time spent on project: 4 weeks
  • Team members: 3