Hello, my name is Christian. I make games and 3D art.

Why am I a game designer?

My interest for video games started many years ago with my first console: the super Nintendo. Ever since then I have been hooked on games in all shapes and form. I have always had an urge for creating things, be it drawings, miniature models or stories, I find it impossible not to have a creative project keeping me busy. These two interests lead me to become a game designer.

What makes me passionate about games is the combination between art, technology and people. To create experiences through art and the ever-evolving state of technology is truly fascinating for me. To see people interact with my work, to see them smile or be sad, entertained or frustrated, seeing their emotional bond to what I create is what drives me to create better and bigger game experiences.

What kind of games do I enjoy making?

I enjoy making most types of games, but I love making horror games. As a kid I was scared senseless by Resident Evil 2, and I’ve had a love for the genre ever since.

Guilty pleasure in the development cycle?

I can’t help myself spending way to much time on particle effects. There is something so satisfying about tweaking and changing the particles until it looks just right.

What interests do you have outside of games?

I enjoy horror movies, fantasy books, tattoos, cooking and going to way too many concerts.

Formal Training:

Gymnasial Degree – Söderslättsgymnasiet, Trelleborg – 2008-2011
Bachelor in Game & Interaction Design – The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, Copenhagen – 2017-2020

Other Experiences:

KADK Fall Game Jam – 2017
Copenhell Game Jam, Winning Team – 2018
Partnership project with Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen – 2018
Kaktusjam Game Jam – 2018
KADK Fall Game Jam, Winning Team for funniest game – 2018
Nordic Game Jam – 2019

Software Mastery:

Blender 3D – Advanced
Adobe Photoshop – Advanced
Adobe Indesign – Advanced
Unity – Advanced
Playmaker – Advanced
Substance Painter – Intermediate
Adobe Illustrator – Beginner
C# – Beginner

Language Skills:

Swedish – Native language
English – Professional level
Danish – Intermediate